making julie s.


“This project has been developed collaboratively over the course of a year. We began rehearsals in 2011 and I wrote the adaptation as we went along. The script unfurled from cast improvisations as well as an intense study of Roman history and the events leading up to the Ides of March. I first meant the idea as a joke to dramaturg Aimee Davis, telling her I wanted to do Julius Caesar Salad in the park and the whole thing just snowballed from there. But in that first bad pun the entire logic of the show is there, the mixing of Shakespeare’s poetry with the woeful colloquialisms of today’s lol wtf txt generation, the high and the low coming at you like JC crossing the Rubicon”-- Andi Stover, writer/director

“I totally love that research for my character Kelli has involved watching the Real Housewives for ideas on bombastic gestures and ticks.  It's been fun practicing these as I walk down NYC streets looking like a crazy person, or on my husband! Its most fun in the morning before coffee.

When I went to the dentist, I ended up with a Russian woman!  Made her say ‘forever and young’ over and over again. Tee hee hee.

Memorizing my lines in my bedroom has got the neighbors scared.

I've had to use my middle school experiences for sense memory. Except instead of being me, I have to pretend I was the popular, jekyll and hyde blonde chick who ruled the 8th grade. Yay!!” -- Gwen Calvez, who plays Kelli