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It’s Jane’s birthday, and this year has been a killer. She broke up with her significant other, got lasik and lost her signature horn-rimmed look, lost her apartment, and is considering moving back in with her parents. Her friends decide to throw her a surprise party to lift her spirits, to which the audience has been invited.  Excitement mounts as the birthday girl approaches. Jane arrives but in the excitement of it all, no one videotaped it! Everyone must consult their memories and recreate the moment of surprise for posterity, but who can be sure what actually happened?

Surprise! is an interactive- multimedia event that explores the tension between reality, memory, and collective experience. Using improvisation, humor and live feed video projection, Surprise! is constructed anew each time it is enacted through the unique relationships established spontaneously between the performers and the audience. By erasing the conventional divisions of theater, Surprise! seeks to discover a definition of now, even if it just applies to this flash second.